Hamish Gilmour’s Awesome History

Hello everyone! And welcome to my official website. Let me bring you up to speed.. I am a 26 year old musician, who loves to write songs, and to entertain on stage! I began to learn the drums as my first musical instrument at the early age of four. Wooden spoons for drumsticks, and pots and pans for the drumkit itself, drumming to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson. It wasn’t long before I found myself attending weekly drum tuition on Saturday mornings.

At the age of eight, I then decided that I wanted to learn how to play the classical guitar. It inspired me so much, that I was driven to buy my own first electric guitar: a second-hand Fender Squire, that I managed to get my hands on at the age of ten. I felt like I had finally made the first steps into achieving my dreams, and it was only the beginning..

After I had finished High school, my passion lead me to playing regular live gigs all around the Waikato, and up in Auckland. Eventually, I ended up moving to Auckland in late 2012. I have been writing my own songs for ten years now. Other bands that I have been a part of were inspired by my enthusiasm, but I decided to begin my solo career in 2013 — which I am very excited about sharing with you all! I have recently been playing electric guitar for international Michael Jackson tribute artist Michael Kiss from LA. I have achieved this dream in Christchurch, New Zealand, in-front of hundreds of fans, and I am looking forward to shredding up a storm for you!